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The VOX Lil Looper is a looper pedal for use with guitars and vocals and is a miniature version of VOX's popular VDL1 pedal.

The VOX Lil Looper packs an impressive amount of features into its small unit, incorporating two separate loopers and a massive 90 seconds of recording time. The Loop Quantize element allows phrases to be created and looped on the beat, as well as the option to sync the two loops to the same tempo. There's a built-in metronome and rhythm guide, and overdubbing can be done to create an endless number of layers.

The VOX VLL1 Lil Looper also offers 12 different effects, including compression, crunch, overdrive and distortion, as well as modulation effects, acoustic and bass guitar simulators. There are radio and pitch effects ideal for vocals, providing a variety of sounds and options for using a microphone.

With a headphone output, loops can be created anywhere, and, in performance, the headphone output can be used for monitoring the metronome to play at the right tempo when loops are off.

Main features include;

  • Two separate loops
  • Two pedals, one for each loop
  • 90 seconds recording time
  • Loop Quantize allows created phrases to be looped on the beat
  • Sync two loops at the same tempo
  • 12 effects for guitar and vocals including crunch, overdrive, modulation, radio and pitch
  • Built-in metronome/rhythm guide
  • Headphone Output with Metronome Only mode
  • 1/4" guitar input and 1/4" balanced microphone input
  • Powered using 6 x AA batteries or optional AC power adapter


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