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SWR 750X  440-0506-000

Front Panel Features
Dual independent input jacks compatible for both active and passive instruments

Ultra-high-polished aluminum front panel

Gain control with LED peak clipping indicator

Variable limiter

Overdrive (with Drive and Level controls)

Overdrive illuminated On/Off switch

Subwave (with Level control)

Subwave illuminated On/Off switch

Active Bass Control with pull Turbo Function

Active Treble Control with pull Transparency Function

Variable mid-range EQ

Exclusive Aural Enhancer circuitry

Effects Blend control

Master Volume control

Rack mountable

Rack handles

Speaker On/Off switch

Power On/Off switch

Aluminum chassis

Rear Panel Features
Sidechain effects loop

Stereo headphone jack

Balanced XLR output with pad

XLR Mode switch (Direct, Line, or Direct + EFX)

Tuner send

Preamp output

Overdrive footswitch jack

Subwave footswitch jack

Two 1/4-inch speaker output jacks

Two Speakon output jacks

Speaker fuse: 3AG, 10 Amp, Fast Blo

Line Fuse:
3AG, 10 Amp, Slow Blo (100 & 120 volt units)
3AG, 5 Amp, Slow Blo (240 volt units)

A/C line receptacle

Internal Features
All tube preamp gain stages

Cooling fan

(1) 12AX7 preamp tube


€2,000.00 Regular Price
€1,400.00Sale Price

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